The Beginning

There is a body of opinion towards the view that Australian wine production enjoys a special reputation on the global scene for being technologically advanced and that this characteristic had its beginnings in the quality of work and the enthusiasm engendered by those that graduated in Oenology at Roseworthy Agricultural College, which is today part of the University of Adelaide.

In 1998, the University of Adelaide dedicated its new $3 million Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory to the legacy of Alan Robb Hickinbotham and his influence on the technological education of the early graduates of the Roseworthy Oenology degree, the pioneering professional winemakers and subsequent leaders of the Australian wine industry.

Great Australian wine begins in the vineyard and, since 1971, it’s the dedication to the science and technological advances of modern Australian viticulture that has seen the Hickinbotham family vineyards become renowned high quality, cost efficient grape growers for some of the industry’s leading winemakers. The natural evolution for the family was to establish their own wine label and the Paringa brand was born.

Proximity to rivers and sources of water have always been a major feature of the Hickinbotham family vineyards and the name “Paringa” is derived from the local Australian Aboriginal language for “land or place at the river”.

In 1999, the first 6000 cases of Paringa Shiraz produced from the Hickinbotham family vineyards formed the first shipment to the USA. These shipments continue today, which make Paringa wines one of the longest surviving Australian wine brands shipping to the Americas. Other markets soon followed – Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, surrounding Asian markets and of course, at home in Australia.